We specialize on Custom Software Development, Data Center Support, Legacy Software and Systems support and extensions.

Custom Software Development
  • Custom Software Development in C++ and C#.
  • Cross platform, Unix, Linux and Windows specifics.
  • We design, develop and implement high performance and real-time servers.
  • Our servers support infrastructure of many companies and reliable high performance Bits and Pieces of our code enhance many systems in many companies.
  • We specialize on reliable back end servers for Financial and Internet companies


Data center management
  • Data center management specialists.
  • Local to all New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania data centers.
  • We provide 24/7 monitoring, upgrade installations and on-call support.
  • Hardware upgrade and installations with specialization on Dell and SuperMicro servers. PIX configuration.
  • VMware support.
  • Our flexible team can be dispatched on short notice.


Legacy Systems support and programming
  • We provide support and software development for many legacy system starting with 8/16 bit PCs. 
  • Many companies struggle with outdated systems but good software. It is hard to find specialist who still can develop and extend 20 years old software.
  • All cases are unique and require personal attention.
  • We will dispatch unique specialist or group of professional who has experience working with many older system. 
  • We open to many options and often can offer good blend of proven software technology with modern hardware.


 Data Analysis
Data Mining, Data Migration and Transformation
  • We provide Custom Data Mining and data migration services. Our experience cover databases from 1980s to modern ones.
  • Complex and simple migrations, upgrades and optimizations.

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