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Big Data, NoSQL vs Relational Databases.
Big Data is everywhere, requirements for HDFS/Hadoop and NoSQL data bases skyrocketed.Will those replace old slow relational DBs?

Not in near future.

Many NoSQL databases do not support transactions and still at very beginning of their life. As a result common to all startups hiccups limit their use to processing static data.

Absence of common API and ACID properties of transactions (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability) limits use in financial and banking applications.

NoSQL evolves and will eventually replace Relational DBs, but not tomorrow.

Ilya B.



Quote from times before Agile. Still true:
“Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen.”
 - E. Berard


      How to Force Reboot Hanging Toshiba Laptop.
Toshiba P55 Reboot Hole Location
Toshiba P55 Reboot Hole Location
  My P55-5312 hanged… battery not removable… support said the only option is to ship laptop in… no hard drive access… I need to get my work files!!!!After 2 hours on google I found only 1 solution somewhere in Europe – there is a small pin size hole on the bottom panel of laptop to force shutdown!

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