Welcome to i7 Inc.

We are New Jersey based IT company and located in close proximity of major clients and datacenters of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. This allows us to reach almost any datacenter and client in tri-state area.

Our rules:
• Everything done in United States.
• We do not outsource any work overseas.
• We do not ship client’s data overseas


How we became what we are now…

In fall of 2006 decision was made to spin off i7 brand from EleSoft, Inc. to separate pure software consulting business from Services, Hardware and Software development. From that time we building our infrastructure and expanding our business to areas we proficient most – Custom software development and IT infrastructure.

From 2006 we are working with Financial and Internet companies as their IT backbone and happy to say that even with recent ups and downs in market we did not lost any of our client.

Working across countries and across continents, working across the Globe. If your project is stuck and not moving forward, then you need our help, we can help with fresh new ideas, established, new and improved concepts.

We will bring to completion your project.


i7 Team


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