Custom Software Development


software-developmentRoots of our company in high performance backed systems development.

Most of our software developed for harsh conditions of online financial markets and internet. With spikes of activity and load for tens and hundreds times, our systems able to sustain and to process high volumes of data.

Special care taken to avoid bottlenecks and to create safe data pipeline.

We DO NOT outsource offshore any projects.


Our strong points:

  • Custom Software Development in C++ and C#.
  • Cross platform, Unix, Linux and Windows specifics.
  • We design, develop and implement high performance and real-time servers.
  • Our servers support infrastructure of many companies
  • Reliable high performance Bits and Pieces of our code enhance many systems in many companies.
  • We specialize on reliable back end servers for Financial and Internet companies

We specialize on

  • High performance libraries and applications in C# and C++
  • Persistent Queue
  • Threading
  • File Handling
  • Fast DB loading
  • CSV/TXT to DB high performance loaders

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