FOREX Exchange.

  • Software development: Backend trading servers, infrastructure components
  • Hardware: Data Center Implementation and Support
  • Design and implementation of core components of FX Derivatives Exchange Electronic Trading Platform, fault tolerant code.
  • Runtime Trading Platform Support – 2nd and 3rd level.
  • Global/Remote developer’s teams support and integration.
  • Fulfillment of client’s Infrastructure team’s requests with hardware routines in data center.

 Internet Hosting and Advertising Company.

  • Backend servers implementation and optimization.
  • DNS and Mail servers’ implementation.
  • Software design. Integration.
  • Offshore development integration and support.
  • 24/7 Operations support
  • Datacenter 24/7 Hardware support

Major US Bank.

  • Implementation and support of real-time post trade data processing, data enrichment and distribution.
  • Implementation and design of various Middle Office systems and components
  • Part of the Transition and Migration Teams with influence on various transition, migration and integration projects.
  • UAT Support – all levels.
  • Production support – 3rd level
  • Various statistics reporting and automation tool integration and implementation
  • Support and implementation of servers for data distribution and processing.
  • Support of offshore and remote teams,
  • 24/7 on-call and remote support.

Major US Bank.

  • Four years chain of successful projects for FMO and back office in Equity Derivatives division.
  • Streaming Internet/Cable TV advertising data mining company
  • Feeds processing, Import, Data Mining
  • Implementation of ETL components to import and process huge amounts of data
  • Database Import and Export
  • Data enrichment
  • Implementation of high performance data handlers and loaders
  • Implementation of data processors and aggregators


 Past Projects and Milestones:

One of the Software Shops Bought by Major US IT Company to enhance its product line.

  • 3 years of multiple projects with emphasis on UNIX and Windows server software.
  • 6 month successful sprint to develop new system which lead to release it to market and deal closure.


Major Wall Street Investment Bank

  • Risk Engine. Risk Calculations.
  • Fast paced design and implementation of the new generation of Trading and Portfolio management system
  • Design and implementation of high performance “Risk Engine” for real time risk assessment on multiple levels of trading desks, sectors and portfolios.

Pioneer in Online Advertising business which grew into major player in the field.

  • A two years long project to build best possible backend and infrastructure to handle huge (even by today’s standards) real-time traffic. Software ran on more than 600 servers worldwide and sustained 55 billion hits a month.


Major Company in Help Desk Industry

  • 3 years of integration and implementation with various external hardware and software systems.
  • Custom servers and data processors.