IT for Startups


Startup Setup

We offer complete IT infrastructure setup for Startups.

Helping on initial steps with office setup, File and Email server packages.

Easy scalable alternative to enterprise products with low cost or no license fees.

For reasonable fee we can provide alternative to full onsite IT department.

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Our specialties:

• Interfaces with Exchanges
• Custom trading servers development
• Custom Order Management Systems
• Data Management Infrastructure and Servers
• Short TTM: 3 month from scratch to usable prototype on existing infrastructure.
• Experts in project delivery at hard cut off time.
• Sizing and Capacity Analysis
• Incremental platform development with staged releases at hard cut-off times.
• Experts in the Scalability, Stability and Performance.
• Proven history of success with multiple projects developed from idea to production.
• Building hardware and software infrastructure for 24/7 uptime
• Remote teams and distributed development teams integration.
• Offshore and remote teams project management and product delivery
• Highly professional IT team from front end developer to tech in data center.
• Data center management, installation, integration, upgrades
• Office Infrastructure.
• Day-to-day operations implementation and support.